Library genesis also known as libgen – is a fantastic digital shadow library that gives you free access to millions of your favourite books and papers as eBooks – from fiction books to fantasy, crime to science fiction and romance to thriller, as well as textbooks, journal articles, academic works, graphic novels, comics etc – in epub, pdf, mobi and many other formats. Perfect for reading on your Kindle, Ipad, Android or any e-reader device capable of reading books in any eBook format.

In this guide, I’ll explain how it all works and how you can get access to this amazing free library in five easy steps – going through every detail and avoiding any possible issues. You can click on any image to make it full size.I keep this guide updated and test all links and mirrors on a regular basis to ensure that you can always access this resource. Of course if you have any questions or issues – contact me here.

You might want to check out our awesome Free Book of the Week section – highlighting our favourite free books from the excellent Project Gutenberg archives  -as well. There are more and more fantastic books coming into the public domain every week and we discuss and list some of our favourites – we also have a great guide on how to use Project Gutenberg.